small hoop earrings

How do you pick the right earrings for your face? Small hoop earrings or large ones?

Earrings are a fantastic accessory for elevating an outfit and illuminating our features.However you must know how to choose between the small hoop earrings and the large ones!

Don’t worry if you can’t decide between small and large hoop earrings.

We give you all of our expert’s advice on how to choose your earrings based on your face shape.

In terms of appearance, stylish accessories play a significant role.

It’s easy to choose:

either we have a heartfelt desire for a model, or we choose them based on the shape of our face.

What makes you want to pick one?

Simply to draw attention to ourselves!

It’s all about harmony for personal stylists and personal shoppers Anastasia and Rebecca.

It’s only required to keep the facial proportions in mind: “If you have a large face, big earrings are recommended.

Small hoop earrings, on the other hand, will look better on a small face “They explain.

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