7 tips to clean gold jewelry


Whether they are made of yellow, white, or pink gold, jewelry must be cleaned regularly to keep its original shine. Our grandmothers had, for this purpose, recourse to tricks that we share with you. Rest assured: all these tricks are completely harmless for the stones that may adorn your jewelry.

Mistakes not to make and tips

The first rule to respect is to never clean gold jewelry with products intended for cleaning silver. As they are not adapted to this metal, they risk tarnishing the gold or causing premature aging. Other products can also damage gold: perfume, lacquer, abrasive products such as bleach, and detergents.

To preserve the beauty and luster of your gold jewelry, remember to wear gloves if you are not removing them to do your housework or dishes.

One last tip: Wipe your gold jewelry with chamois leather before putting it away in its box or in your jewelry box. This will clean and polish your jewelry so that it stays shiny longer.


Baking powder

Very useful in pastry making, especially for making delicious cakes, baking powder is also useful for cleaning gold, which will regain its shine. So, to take care of your gold jewelry with baking powder, start by sprinkling some on it. Then rub your jewelry gently. Finish by rinsing your jewelry with clear water before wiping them carefully.


While this tip may seem unusual at first, breadcrumbs are indeed an effective and delicate way to clean your gold jewelry. To do this, simply make small balls of breadcrumbs. Then use these balls to rub the gold of your jewelry. If your jewelry is adorned with precious stones, don’t hesitate to rub them in the same way with the breadcrumbs. Gold and stones will then regain all their shine.


Toothpaste is an essential product for our hygiene and can also be used for various cleaning tasks. For gold jewelry, start by coating the jewelry you want to clean with toothpaste. Once this is done, use a toothbrush and scrub the jewelry gently. Before polishing your gold jewelry, let the toothpaste that covers it dry. Finally, rinse and dry carefully.

An onion

Another tried-and-true grandmother’s trick for cleaning gold jewelry is to use an onion, specifically its juice. So, pour the juice of onion on the gold jewelry you want to clean and then rub it, always with delicacy. Then use a chamois to wipe your cleaned jewelry.


There is nothing like milk to restore the shine of gold jewelry. Simply pour the warm milk into a bowl, for example, and dip the gold jewelry you wish to clean into it. After soaking for about ten minutes, rinse your jewelry with cold water. Finally, dry your jewelry with a soft, clean cloth.

Baking soda

To clean your gold jewelry with baking soda, you will need a damp cloth. Then pour a small amount of baking soda on the cloth and rub it into your gold jewelry. Then rinse your jewelry before drying it and enjoying its newfound shine.

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